Policies for materials selection, computers and Internet, library cards, meeting rooms, and more.

Library cards and borrowing

In the library

Rooms are available to community groups and organizations at no charge, provided they meet non-profit eligibility requirements.

For the safety and comfort of everyone using the library, the following behaviors are prohibited:

  1.     Any behavior that is disruptive to library use
  2.     Eating and drinking
  3.     Misuse of restrooms
  4.     Leaving children under 10 unsupervised or ignoring their disruptive behaviors
  5.     Violating Public Computer Use Policy
  6.     Having more than 2 bags measuring a total of 12"x15"x24"

Materials selection

The objective of the Library in providing collections especially selected for children is to make available materials that will serve children's informational, recreational and cultural needs for an age range from infant through twelve years, and for all levels of ability.
The purpose of this policy is to guide librarians in the selection of materials of contemporary significance and of permanent value and to inform the public about the principles upon which selections are made.

Other policies

The Library welcomes volunteers who are able to help Library staff perform some necessary and ancillary services.