George Ella Lyon

Born in Harlan, Kentucky, Lyon is a teacher, musician, storyteller, activist, and an award winning author.  She is most notably known for her poetry and picture books set in Appalachia. She also holds a PhD and has taught writing at several different colleges and universities, as well as workshops and conferences. Her books for children explore her love for language and words and the connections they help us make to ourselves and others.

“I believe that's what we're doing when we write or dance, sing or draw or practice any of the arts: we're listening to our hearts and expressing what we hear. And on the other side of the experience, when we are the readers or the audience for what's been created, we hear someone else's heart speaking, which helps us hear our own, and feel how we are all connected."

George Ella Lyon, quoted from  "About George Ella Lyon, Writer and Teacher." N.p., n.d. Web. 01 July 2014.