Covers countries of the world, states of the United States, and provinces of Canada.

  • Regional introductions for each continent
  • Short biographies of famous people
  • 5 native recipes from every country
  • Photos, slideshows and videos you can use for education, such as class presentations and homework assignments
  • Flag gallery
  • Explanations of concepts and terms, such as infant mortality rate, diversified economy
  • Glossary of over 4000 cultural terms, such as tapas, dharma, salaam
  • Statistical database – make your own tables and graphs for easy country comparison
Planet Earth : the world in infographics

This book is full of information about the Earth presented through infographic illustrations and covers topics such as water cycles, tectonic plates, and record-breaking places on the planet.

Provides facts and useful information about each of the 50 states.

Maintained by the CIA, this website provides information on the history, people, and governments of countries around the world with facts, maps, and flags for each.

Learn about the world on this website filled with stunning photos and videos.