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For downloadables, see E-media.

Homework resources

For even more resources, look for Encyclopedias, magazines and newspapers and Subject guides. For help using any of these, call a librarian at 865-215-8700.

Expert tutors help you finish your homework, study for tests and write essays (read more about Use a whiteboard and chat box, share files, even upload a photo of your assignment or textbook. With an account, you can tag and reconnect to your favorite tutors, store your assignments and documents in your virtual locker and go back to review your previous sessions when studying. Start with a video tour and a practice session. For elementary, middle and high school students only, two sessions per week.

Practice, lessons, and study aids to help you do your best in school. Please note: this service will be replaced by the Testing and Education Reference Center on May 1. Please complete your tests before that day.

A powerful reference tool designed for high school students and adults. (Optimized for tablets)