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Sneak Peek Book Club is a virtual book club where teens, ages 13-17, read advanced copies of new books and write short reviews, posted here on the Sneak Peek page. 

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3 stars

Reviewed by Claire.

This book was very interesting. However, it was not for me. The book primarily focused on computers, coding, and gaming. Additionally, there was a lot of "girl stuff" mentioned throughout the book. Overall, this book was ok. I would recommend it to girls interested in computers and coding who are looking for an inspirational story regarding careers in STEM.

4 stars

Reviewed by Rachel.

Finding Jade was a great story. I could picture almost every scene in my mind. Though, I kind of got confused when there were flashbacks. I didn't know if the flashbacks were happening in the moment, or in the past becuase the author didn't seperate them. But other than that, it was really good book.


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