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Sneak Peek Book Club is a virtual book club where teens, ages 13-17, read advanced copies of new books and write short reviews, posted here on the Sneak Peek page. 

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Check out these recent Sneak Peek reviews:

4 stars

Reviewed by Olivia.

Fast paced mystery told in a unique way. Unique= backwards! The plot is well thought out, but the story does leave one open end. Other than that, it was definitely a wonderful book.

3 stars

Reviewed by Hannah.

Dark. Fantastical. Interesting.

Ms. Foody has spun a tale of large and shadowy proportions. The heroine (if we can call her that) is a performer in the Gomorrah Festival; a traveling carnival that is proud of its evilness. In fact, their motto is: Wicked, wicked to the core,the city will burn forevermore.

Sorina has an unique talent, even in her extremely diverse world; she can create illusions that you can feel, smell, and believe. But, they are figments of her imagination, of course. Or so she thinks, until one of them is brutally murdered.

5 stars

Reviewed by Cassidy.

Roar was a great book. It was very detailed, had great characters and a beautiful world.

Aurora was born without magic, so she's forced to marry someone with magic. She decided to run away the night before the wedding. Her friend, Nova, covers up for her by saying that Aurora was kidnapped. That's when Aurora's adventures began. She joins a group that fights storms, so hopefully she'll gain some magic. But they won't let her fight storms. Later she finds that she has a special talent.

5 stars

Reviewed by Makenna.

The 11th book in the Alex Rider Series (one of my favorites--I didn't know there was a new book till they handed it to me at the library), Never Say Die is fast-paced and thrilling. It is well-written and the plot is very well-sculpted. I loved it as much as the first ten and I recommend the entire series.


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