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Sneak Peek Book Club is a virtual book club where teens, ages 13-17, read advanced copies of new books and write short reviews, posted here on the Sneak Peek page. 

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4 stars

Reviewed by Sadie.

So this book has, hands down, one of the most heart breaking love stories I've read in awhile. Lucy and Trixie were the best of friends. They were more like sisters than friends. Ben, who was Trixie's brother, was a whole lot more than just her best friend's brother to Lucy.

3 stars
Reviewed by Avery. The One Memory of Flora Banks is a very good book. It is about a girl named Flora who has severe short-term memory loss. In the story, Flora goes on a wonderful journey to Svalbard looking for her true love. On the journey, Flora finds herself and learns about the secrets and lies that made up her sheltered world.
5 stars
Reviewed by Maddy. Full disclosure: this is the first graphic novel I've ever read that was not a bound-up superhero comic. I never was really pulled into one; I never really thought of them as reading, honestly. But The Wendy Project was so beautiful, the artwork was phenomenal and so beautifully done so creatively done. The story was even more beautiful because it showed grief and how we all deal with things differently.
5 stars

This book was amazing. I would definitely recommend it. Hatter Madigan lives in a fantasy world called Wonder Land. He and his brother were taken into the millinery academy to live there after their parents went missing on the battle field.


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