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Sneak Peek Book Club is a virtual book club where teens, ages 13-17, read advanced copies of new books and write short reviews, posted here on the Sneak Peek page. 

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Check out these recent Sneak Peek reviews:

5 stars

Reviewed by Sadie.

This book completely threw me for a loop. It was a stunning story of finding love, trust and friendship.

It also delves into the politics of ruling an empire. This book definitely hinted of allegory based on countries still stuck in communism today. But it was way more than a book on politics.

4 stars
Reviewed by Hope.
This book was really fun and exciting. I will admit that the title had me a little wary at first, but the book soon captured both my attention and imagination. The only thing bad I have to say about the book is that I felt a little uncomfortable with all the lying that was going on in the book. Yes, all the truth came to light in the end, but it still was aggravating.
5 stars

Reviewed by Zach

This is an excellent story!

An interesting read with characters you will fall in love with and a story that pulls you in. I've got to say that my favorite character is definintely Hades, the giant bat, but Lillith and Thorn are definitely close runner ups.


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