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Sneak Peek Book Club is a virtual book club where teens, ages 13-17, read advanced copies of new books and write short reviews, posted here on the Sneak Peek page. 

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Check out these recent Sneak Peek reviews:

3 stars

Reviewed by Lilly.

The book talks about a very interesting topic and is unlike any kind of book I have read before. It can be hard to read at some points but over all it is good. I wouldn't read it again but it was very creatively written.

4 stars

Reviewed by Suzi.
My true rating of this book is 4.5. This is because the message of this book is wonderful and, especially in the last 25 or so pages, wonderfully delivered. The message is also sickening, of course, because the book's a satire so the message is supposed to be. The first half, approximately, definitely wasn't as good as the second; it was entertaining and I liked it, but once I hit the last third of the book, the beginning didn't even compare. The end is especially thrilling and mysterious.

4 stars

Reviewed by Olivia.

Fast paced mystery told in a unique way. Unique= backwards! The plot is well thought out, but the story does leave one open end. Other than that, it was definitely a wonderful book.

3 stars

Reviewed by Hannah.

Dark. Fantastical. Interesting.

Ms. Foody has spun a tale of large and shadowy proportions. The heroine (if we can call her that) is a performer in the Gomorrah Festival; a traveling carnival that is proud of its evilness. In fact, their motto is: Wicked, wicked to the core,the city will burn forevermore.

Sorina has an unique talent, even in her extremely diverse world; she can create illusions that you can feel, smell, and believe. But, they are figments of her imagination, of course. Or so she thinks, until one of them is brutally murdered.


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