You're Write Online Zine
Calling all teens ages 13-17: share your writing in our online zine, You're Write
Anyone from the age of 13 to the age of 17 is welcome to submit short stories, poems, and creative nonfiction via the submission form. We will select and post work on a quarterly basis, with new issues going up in January, April, July, and October. We'll let you know if your work has been selected within a month of your submission date.
Please read our submission guidelines before submitting.
NEXT ISSUE (Spring) comes out July 20, 2018.
DEADLINE for submissions is July 13, 2018.
Please enjoy the selections for our latest issue below.

Your back is turned to me as you clean the house. Your attempts at wiping that brown stain off the counter are futile yet you still try every day to remove it. However, the brown stain is not what captures my attention. It is you, scrubbing and scrubbing, trying to get rid of it like you are the knight with shinning suds and the stain is the evil dragon kidnapping the Princess Pristine Counter.

You are so busy playing knight you do not see me standing there, watching you. I want to reach out to you. Make a joke like we used to do so many times before, back when things were easier. I see you attacking that stain and tears prick my eyes.

Four arms
That are rough,
And faded,
As they wrap around me
I can feel their cold and
They can hear mine.

I hold a globe
Of light as it dances around my
Skull, and
I wonder if it has ever
Touched upon yours.


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