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How do I download an OverDrive ebook or audiobook to a tablet or smartphone?

Begin by reading the OverDrive Help information specific to the computer or device you'll be using.

Tablets and smartphones

These are non-Kindle mobile multi-use devices, not dedicated ereaders.

You have three options. You can install the Libby app, install the OverDrive app, or simply read or listen in a browser directly from our Overdrive partner website. (Okay, technically you also have a fourth option of using the Kindle app for Kindle-compatible ebooks, but since that's not everything, we suggest using one of the first three options.)

Assuming you have installed the OverDrive app:

  1. Open the OverDrive app and follow the prompts to sign up for an OverDrive account and sign in. See "Which library sign-in option is best for me?" about how to do this.
  2. Use "add a library" and search by zip code to find Knox County Public Library, then add the library and connect to the library.
  3. Sign in on the website with your library card number and PIN. Search or browse, and borrow.
  4. Go to your Loans page and add the item to the app. Select ebooks in the EPUB format.
  5. Use the "Bookshelf" command in the app's home menu (the hamburger icon in the upper left) to find the book, complete the download, and begin reading or listening.

Steps 1 and 2 are first-time setup. Afterwards, you just open the app and tap "Add a title", then follow steps 3 through 5.

The Libby app may be a little easier. Just follow the prompts for setup. Once you are set up, you can use the Libby icon in the upper right to access options such as adding a new library card or getting help. Tap "Shelf" at the bottom to get to your loans, holds, and activity; tap "Library" to return to browsing the inventory. You'll see many ways to start browsing if you just pan (scroll), or enter a search at the very top.

How do I download an OverDrive ebook to a Kindle?

Begin by reading the OverDrive Help information specific to the device you'll be using.

Kindle reader that is not a Fire tablet:

You will use a Web browser (such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge) on a computer, phone, or tablet. Check out an ebook from OverDrive. The "Read now with Kindle" button sends you to Amazon.com, where you sign in to your Amazon account and click a button to deliver the ebook to your selected device. Then you sync your Kindle reader on a Wi-Fi network (not a mobile network) to receive the book.

USB transfer:

If you don't have Wi-Fi, you might have to download the book to a computer and transfer it to a Kindle with a USB connection.

Fire tablet:

You don't need a computer. Just go in a Web browser (Silk, or another browser of your choice) to our OverDrive catalog and check out a book. In the download step, select the Kindle format, then follow the on-screen prompts through the Amazon.com website to deliver the ebook to your Kindle. Then check your home screen to find the book.

Fire users can get the OverDrive app in the Amazon app store for use with the EPUB (and MP3 audiobook) format. Of course, there's always the option to read or listen in your browser, also.

Using the Kindle format on a non-Kindle device

We recommend the OverDrive app or Libby app instead, but if you choose to use a Kindle app, use a Web browser to check out a library ebook from OverDrive. In the download step, select the Kindle format, sign in to your Amazon account, and deliver the ebook to your Cloud reader or registered device. Then sync your Kindle app to receive the book.

How do I download an OverDrive ebook to an ereader that isn't a Kindle?

Begin by reading the OverDrive Help information specific to the device you'll be using. If you are having issues, check this article.


Very important: Do not download a library ebook to ADE software without authorizing the software first.


  1. sign in to your library account on the OverDrive site
  2. search or browse for ebooks
  3. borrow, visit your Loans page, and download the EPUB format
  4. open it in the Adobe Digital Editions software


  1. connect your ereader to your computer with the USB cable
  2. if you get a prompt to authorize your device, do so
  3. in Library View, drag the book icon on the right to the ereader icon on the left
  4. safely disconnect your device
  5. find the ebook on your device


See these transfer instructions specific to the NOOK GlowLight Plus. If you get errors, please contact Barnes and Noble for help.

If you wish to use a computer to transfer books to any model of Sony Reader, please install and use the Sony Reader Library software following the instructions in your user guide.

How do I renew a downloadable?

Renewing on OverDrive is through a link that appears on your OverDrive Loans page three days before a loan's expiration, if there is no one waiting for the title. Read more