John R. Rosson Jr.

photo of Judge Rosson
John R. Rosson Jr. graduated from Western Kentucky University in 1970, and received his Juris Doctorate at the University of Tennessee Law School in 1975. He is a member of the West End Church of Christ. Back in 1986, Knoxville’s City Council appointed John Rosson Jr. to fill in as municipal judge after the Honorable Allen Elliot passed away. A year later, Rosson ran for election to that post, and he’s been there ever since. It’s a position he enjoys to this day. Judge Rosson mostly hears violations of city ordinances such as speeding and parking tickets, alcohol offenses like underage drinking (but not DUIs), animal nuisances, and other low-level cases, over 1000 cases on a busy day. Rosson says that the most hotly contested are the animal cases, because “if you accuse a dog of biting somebody or doing something improper, you’ve probably just insulted that whole family and they’ll bring the whole neighborhood down to talk about it.”