All Over the Page welcomes Brent Minchey

Join Brent Minchey at 6:30 on Monday, October 8 for a discussion of The Stowaway by Laurie Shapiro.

This true-life adventure tells the story of young Billy Gawronski, the son of Polish immigrants living in New York City. In the excitement of the roaring twenties, Antarctica allures and entices the bold as the final frontier, the ultimate adventure. Curious about the unknown and determined to be part of history, Billy tries his best to sneak onto a famous explorer's ship bound for Antarctica. This charming and vivid story recalls an audacious character and an unforgettable age. 

Minchey is a co-owner and production manager of Celtic Cat Publishing, an award-winning local independent press established in 1995, and he manages Knoxville Walking Tours. He grew up reading the adventures of Robin Graham aboard Dove, and Joshua Slocum on his boat Spray. Minchey learned to sail on the coastal waters of South Carolina. He has lived on a big steel boat, built and repaired little wooden ones, sailed a tall ship up the New England coast, and has had many long adventures paddling, rowing, and sailing. He still wants to sail across an ocean but doesn't fit into most of the good hiding spots for stowaways.