All Over the Page welcomes Claudia Caballero

Join us at 6:30 on Monday, November 4 for a discussion of The House of Broken Angels by Luis Alberto Urrea. (Usually the second Monday each month, this occurrence is moved up one week because of Veteran's Day.)

Miguel Angel de la Cruz, known as Big Angel, has gathered his family around him for a celebration of sorts. He is dying and wants to be surrounded by loved ones in a perfectly planned celebration of his life. Just as the festivities are about to begin, his centenarian mother upstages him by dying first. Plans are quickly shifted to allow for everyone to mourn both the recently dead and the currently dying. Spanning a weekend in San Diego, The House of Broken Angels examines the relationships between Big Angel and his wife Perla, his half-brother Little Angel, and his children.

 In a late change of plans, Claudia Caballero is unable to join us and the discussion will be led instead by Luis Urrea. Yeah, but not the author—another Luis Urrea. Knoxville's Luis Urrea is Volunteer Coordinator of Centro Hispano, the cultural and educational hub for the Latinx community in Knoxville, Tennessee. Urrea is from Texas, is both bilingual (if not trilingual) and bicultural, and is a former Teach for America middle school science educator. He told The Monitor that the motivation to teach came from "the memory of my own inspirational teachers. I remembered how they had treated me, both as a student and a person, and I knew that I wanted to make a difference in the same positive way that they had made a difference in my life." Urrea has a bachelor's degree in psychology from Williams College.