All Over the Page welcomes Steve Dupree

Join Steve Dupree on Monday, May 14, at 6:30 in the Lawson McGhee Library meeting room for a discussion of Grunt by Mary Roach.

When most of us think of the armed forces, we think of soldiers in combat. But the United States military industrial complex is vast and worth exploring. In this entertaining book, popular science author Mary Roach examines another important side of the military: the contributions that military scientists have given to medicine, invention, and other scientific research. She focuses particularly on all the ways military scientists work on keeping our soldiers safe—not just from bullets, burns, and explosions, but also noise, heat, sharks, insomnia, exhaustion, drowning, bacteria, and disease. A word of warning: this isn't a book for the squeamish or faint of heart. Roach does not shy away detail from discussing gruesome topics, like using maggots to heal wounds. However, if you are not afraid of feeling perhaps a bit queasy, this fascinating look at military research and development will provide endless bits of trivia and insight.

 In high school only one guy was in ROTC, choir, Audio-Visual club, and Drama club: Stephen M. Dupree. That broad spectrum of interests continues to this day and has even expanded. Raising large breed dogs, brewing and consuming craft beers, bicycling, motorcycling, politics, science fiction, travel, and writing have been added to the list of things in which he dabbles. A native and current resident of Knoxville and citizen of the world, Dupree has a willingness to be where the Universe sends him.