Go set a watchlist

Stock prices are moving, and so are investment ratings. Everyone with a Knox County Public Library card and an investment portfolio (including a retirement account) should explore the Watchlist feature on the Financial Ratings Series database.

A watchlist is a list of all of the companies (or mutual funds, ETFs, etc.) you want to monitor with email alerts. This requires that you set up a free personal account with an email address, and sign in to that account. 

You’ll notice throughout the database there is a small flag with a star in it, near the rating. Click that flag, and the star will change to a check mark. That’s it. The company or rating is now on your watchlist. If there is any change in the rating, you'll get an email alert.

Go, set a watchlist now. At a minimum, set an alert on any banks or insurance companies you use. And why not an alert on the company you work for?

Finished? Great. Now click the word Watchlist, and you’ll be taken to your watchlist page. Here you can see the total number of Investment and Safety Ratings you have, remove listings, or link to the company’s summary page. Use the Download button in the upper right corner to generate a PDF of your watchlist to save or print.

Your account also allows you to save your screeners with customized criteria that is important to you, helping you identify your next investment opportunities (or a safer bank or life insurance company).