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Cook's Illustrated

Our RBdigital full-color magazines are ready to help you through the feasting and party season with issues of Cook's Illustrated, Bon Appétit, Saveur, Wine Enthusiast, and several other trusted sources for great advice.

You've got the laptop or tablet in the kitchen, but you spend too much time fighting pop-ups with your greasy fingers, scrolling past peoples' life stories to find the recipes that Google retrieves from the food blogs that load the most ads. And who said these were good food bloggers, anyway. Enough! Get your library card out, and turn on the printer. You're getting this done.

Connect to RBdigital and use the filter to narrow by genre to "food and cooking." After you select a magazine, you can view "all issues" and check out any you want. Here are some issues to start with.

  1. Cook's Illustrated
    • turkey for a crowd: November-December 2018
    • bubbly cocktails: November-December 2019
    • 10-minute brussel sprouts; roast turkey breast: November-December 2018
  2. Bon Appétit
    • sides; turkey roasted in parts: October 2019
    • cranberry sauce and dressing (they call it stuffing but we know better): November 2018
    • timelines (thank you!) game plan: November 2018
  3. Wine Enthusiast
    • Thanksgiving pairings: October 2019
    • après-ski cocktails: November 2017
  4. Vegetarian Today
    • roasted vegetables: November 2016
  5. Taste of Home
    • cran-raspberry gelatin salad: December-January 2020
  6. Eating Well
    • punches and avocado toasts: November-December 2018 (p. 59-61)

There's an app (Android, Apple, Kindle) to help you view the magazines on a phone or tablet, but you don't need to bother with that on a laptop.

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