Libby app (and other) server errors and warnings

A recent email from OverDrive explains issues library patrons are experiencing with the Libby app on old devices:

Last month, OverDrive reported that the web certificate provider Let’s Encrypt would end support for older operating systems at the end of September 2021. Certificates from Let’s Encrypt are relied on for secure connections for websites and apps including Libby and OverDrive. As a result of this change, the following is now in effect:

  • Libby’s minimum iOS version is now iOS 10. To use Libby on an iOS device, users are required to update their device’s operating system to iOS 10 or newer. These are the steps to help iOS users update their operating system version.
  • The legacy OverDrive for Mac desktop app is only supported on macOS versions 10.12.1 through 10.14.
  • Users on legacy web browsers may experience issues loading or your OverDrive website and should upgrade to a newer browser version, if possible.

The expectation was that affected users would receive a security warning after the Let’s Encrypt change, but we’ve since learned that a warning is not always displayed. Users may experience issues with signing in, borrowing, loading the app’s content, etc.

The same web certificate provider is giving security errors to visitors on the library's website, if their computer software is out of date. Some browsers will allow the visitor to continue to the site after dismissing the warning (for example, the visitor might select "Advanced" and then a link to proceed).

Computers and mobile devices that are too old to be updated are vulnerable to security flaws in older software. The warnings are meant for your protection.