New app for OverDrive ebooks and audiobooks

Meet the new Libby app for OverDrive downloadables.

Will the Libby app replace the OverDrive app? No. If you’re a current user of the OverDrive app and love using it, please keep doing so. Whether you’re a new user or a current OverDrive app user interested in a new reading experience, give Libby a try.

Can I use both the OverDrive app and Libby at the same time? Yes, but we recommend using one or the other for the best experience because the apps are not fully synced.

What features are not available in Libby? OverDrive is expecting to update Libby with important features like accessibility and multilingual support by Fall 2017.

How will Libby users find Help and Support? Libby help is available at and is also available via the Tips & Secrets option in the app’s menu. OverDrive will provide direct support for the Libby app (but you are still welcome to call and ask us, 215-8700).