New language learning program with app

Transparent Language Online

The Tennessee Electronic Library has a new contract to provide Transparent Language Online to Tennessee libraries and residents. The new contract replaces PowerSpeak Languages. This program builds all four core skills of a language: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Study new alphabets and practice keyboarding with foreign characters. Choose from over 100 languages, or find English lessons for speakers of over 25 different languages. It also includes kid-friendly lessons in 6 languages.

To get started, create a free personal account on Transparent Language Online, through which you can track your progress through lessons you've completed. After creating your account, look for a "Go Mobile" link at the top of the page. That will guide you through installing the mobile app and activating it with your account. The mobile app activation requires a distinct password, which is provided on the screen in the "Go Mobile" page.

The mobile app will download some lessons in the language you select, but after that you can use it offline until you finish the downloaded lessons. There are sync, sound, notification and other settings to explore from the app menu.

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