O'Reilly: huge collection for business and technology

The Friends of the Knox County Public Library, through the Shelton Bequest, have been long-time sponsors of our subscription to a collection of consumer technology books formerly known as Safari Books Online. This has been upgraded to a product named O’Reilly for Public Libraries Basic, and it is huge, enormous, immense, vast.

The collection includes more than 5,000 titles and more than 3,100 videos on essential business and technology topics supporting hobbyists, makers, gamers, tinkerers, coders and those simply looking to grow personally and professionally. Books are from top publishers, fully searchable, and always available. They are not downloadable, but the in-browser reading panel is easy to use.

We love that you can search a problem with keywords and find a solution right in the middle of a book chapter and get straight to it.

We will update the catalog every couple of months with the title changes (additions and dropped titles), so there will be a mismatch between what you may find in the catalog and what you find in the database.

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