Scrolling is worth it

Librarians watch how y'all use the catalog when we're allowed to help you, and we've noticed that many of you are in a bit of a hurry. That's okay, we get it about time pressure, and we know that searching the catalog efficiently takes expertise. We love to help, but we don't want to be pushy. But can I just say, our catalog is better than you might realize, and might even save you some time?

The catalog search engine doesn't offer the kind of (distracting and costly) extra shopping enticements of the Amazon online store, but there are recommendations and other relevant links tucked neatly out of the way as if they were tidied on the KonMari method. To see them, just start by finding the catalog record for a book you've enjoyed, or one you're waiting on hold for. If you see it in a list of other items, click the title so that you get the full detials about it, including all of our copies. The more popular a book is, the more copies there are to get past. Scroll all the way, and look at what's below—you'll see what so many people miss because they don't click through to the description and get this far down the page.

What you see is the chance to explore more. Those features include:

  • Titles in the series–Displays all the titles in each series, in reading order. It's the quickest way to get the reading order of a series, from finding any item in the series.
  • Read-alikes–If you like this, you might like these.
  • Story elements–NoveList appeal terms, themes, and genre. Together, they make up the difference aspects of a book that capture you. You can use them to find other books with those elements.
  • Reviews from readers on Goodreads
  • Lists and articles such as Book Discussion Guides, Feature Articles, and Awards lists
  • Reading levels

These features come from the NoveList Plus database, which you can also use directly any time you want to take a deeper dive.