Shakespeare Out Loud to read Cymbeline

The best way to read Shakespeare’s plays is out loud—and with friends!

Join us and our friends, The Tennessee Stage Company and Shakespeare On The Square on Sunday, November 16 at 2:00 in the Lawson McGhee Library meeting room for a round table reading of Cymbeline. Come to read, come to listen, the event is free and scripts will be provided.

Rarely performed and little known, Cymbeline is one of Shakespeare's four romances. The British king, Cymbeline, is furious when his daughter, Imogen, secretly marries against his wishes. While he plans his next move, his wife, the queen, plans to murder both him and Imogen. Imogen drinks what the queen thinks is a deadly poison but, in fact, only puts Imogen in a deep sleep while the rest of the plot works itself out.

Should you find yourself wanting more, Cymbeline is also available in our Sights & Sounds collection as an audiobook as well as a BBC theatrical production on DVD.

It's not hard to read the Bard with friends and out loud!

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