NOTICE: Norwood Branch Library will close today, Dec 10, at 5:00 due to mechanical issues.

The branch will reopen in its regular schedule tomorrow. 

Tax preparation

The Internal Revenue Service website posts all the forms and publications that you need for filing, or you can order forms and publications sent to you by mail. The Lawson McGhee Library has forms and instruction booklets for 1040, 1040A, and 1040EZ. Some branch locations may have some of these basic forms, as well. (If you picked up or ordered printed forms, be aware that some forms were printed before The Bipartisan Budget Act enacted on February 9, 2018 retroactively extended and modified numerous tax provisions covering 2017. The affected forms will not be re-printed, so the only way to verify that your forms are not modified is to look for change notifications for a form on the Internal Revenue Service website.)

The Internal Revenue Service's online filing partners make electronic filing easier; it is free for eligible filers. Free online tax preparation for eligibile filers is offered through the United Way.

Low- and moderate-income taxpayers can get help filing their tax return for free. Find a site through the VITA and AARP programs.

Remember to file Tennessee's Hall income tax if applicable (see this tax guide).

What if you miss the April 17, 2018 filing deadline?