Teen writers who made it young

Christopher Paolini, whose mega-hit Eragon was published when he was 19, is probably the most famous teen author from recent years, but did you know the following authors all published when they were teens (or nearly), too?

  • S.E. Hinton published The Outsiders when she was 18.
  • Gordon Korman, author of Son of the Mob, published five books before he finished high school.
  • Fantasy author Amelia Atwater-Rhodes published In the Forests of the Night, the first book in her Den of Shadows series, when she was 15.
  • Mary Shelley finished the classic Frankenstein when she was 19 and it was published when she was 21.

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Great books by Teen writers

  • Eragon
  • The Outsiders
  • Son of the Mob
  • In the forests of the night
  • Frankenstein

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