Saving the family farm

Mark Campen expresses the importance of farmer's markets in discussing the book Gaining Ground: A Story Of Farmers' Markets, Local Food, And Saving The Family Farm by Forrest Pritchard.

Pritchard grew up on a farm but didn’t know much about farming. Fresh out of college with a degree in English and geology, he decided he could save the family farm from financial ruin, a farm his parents have been barely keeping up by using all expendable income from their full time jobs in the city. Beginning with his initial attempt to raise money selling firewood, he tells an engaging story of his career as a nonconventional farmer. Mr. Campen explains, "This book is about family, community and a will to successfully carry on the farming lifestyle, albeit in a different way. Knowing where our food comes from and our potential role in the food system is ‘gaining ground’ here in Knoxville."

Mr. Campen serves on Knoxville's City Council representing the 5th district and is Executive Director of the Tennessee Chapter of the Izaak Walton League of America.