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Our podcasts are mostly edited from recorded library events. You can subscribe to the RSS feed of this page for all podcasts, or subscribe to the feeds of the three series individually. (Some episodes do not belong to a series.) Other ways to subscribe:

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Dr. Matt Harris discusses A Fine Mess: A Global Quest for a Simpler, Fairer and More Efficient Tax System by T. R. Reid.
Claudia Caballero responds to the book The Far Away Brothers: Two Young Migrants and the Making of An American Life by Lauren Markham.
Dr. John Nolt introduces the themes of his book A Land Imperiled: The Declining Health of the Southern Appalachian Bioregion.
Panelists discuss the cycle of poverty and homelessness, and local solutions and resources.
Examines monuments as both public history and public art and suggests the role of memory work in sculpting our future.
In her presentation "How We Interact with the Internet, and How it Interacts with Us," Dr. Diane Kelly explains what search engines do and the research findings about how they influence our behavior.


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