Check out these streaming films on Kanopy

Everyone needs a little down time during the holidays. With your library card, you can watch over 16,000 movies on Kanopy. Check out these titles:


  • The First Silent Night – the origins of the beloved Christmas carol
  • Road Trip for Ralphie – two fans of the movie A Christmas Story attempt to discover all the film’s shooting locations
  • A Christmas Past – 9 vintage films depicting Christmas from 1901-1925 
  • The Gift of the Magi – a short film of O. Henry's classic story
  • A Tale of Winter – Eric Rohmer's romantic tale of a couple who meet on holiday, fall in love, but then lose track of each other
  • The Great Works of Sacred Music – 16 episodes encompass genres from symphonic and instrumental music to choral works and opera 

For foodies:

  • East Side Sushi –  single mom Juana pursues her dream of becoming a sushi chef
  • Tortilla Soup:– three loving daughters learn to cope with their chef father, who is losing his sense of taste
  • Food: A Cultural Culinary History Series - this Great Courses series examines food and its impact on human history
  • A Year In Burgundy: A Year in the Life of 7 Wine-Making Families documents the process of wine-making over the 4 seasons
  • Soul Food Junkies: A Film About Family, Food & Tradition looks at the cultural and economic basis of African American food traditions