Why is the Read Around the World challenge important?

When you participate in Read City's Read Around the World Challenge, you're supporting our community's effort to make reading and education a top priority. You'll also help your favorite library location win bragging rights! 

More importantly, you know reading can take you places. From glimpses into different time periods and lands, to the mastery of important job skills, knowing how to read is truly the key to a brighter future. Even though experts have long known that reading is a critical skill set, only 40% of Knox County students are reading proficiently by the third grade. That means 60% of our children are not on a solid track to graduate or continue post-secondary education. They will have a very difficult time catching up. 

We can do better.

Our schools do a good job of educating our children, but they cannot do it alone. Through the Mayor's Read City USA initiative, our community is joining schools and families to support literacy. Learning to read begins at birth, and parents/caretakers are a child's first and most important teacher. We must lead by example and provide the tools and resources to elevate a culture of reading in Knox County. Information on developmental stages will help guide parents and caregivers along the journey.

This reading challenge is just one step to focus on wholistic solutions. It begins by picking up a book. In fact, most people say reading with their child is the best 20 minutes of their day.