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Reading gives you wings - Knox County Public Library

Top 7 reasons kids should have their own library card.

Pride and excitement!

We see it every day. Children light up when they sign their name to their own library card. For many kids, a library card is the first card in their wallet with their name on it. They take pride in being a member of the library and having something that is their own.


Asking children to be responsible for their card and for items they’ve checked out on their card teaches them to be accountable. They will begin to learn about consequences if they lose their items.

Good citizenship

Having and using a library card is tangible way to be part of the community. Kids begin to recognize the civic resources available to them.


When kids go to the library, they have thousands of titles to choose from. Selecting their books for the week helps them learn how to negotiate a collection, choose thoughtfully, and learn patience when a title isn’t available.

Problem-solving and taking initiative

Help your kids learn how to find books on their own. It’s the first step in teaching research skills and problem solving. They can start with the online catalogue at home to find the titles they are interested in. Once they are in the library, they can learn the system for finding their books. You can make a game of it.

Exploration and Discovery

The library is a risk-free place where kids can explore different kinds of books, movies and music. Studies show that when kids choose their own materials, they tend to enjoy reading more and develop into life long readers. A library card is truly gives you wings!

There’s more for you!

When you’re not sharing your card with your children, you can check out more of the materials you love!