Meeting room usage

Meeting rooms are available for public use at several branches and the Lawson McGhee Library during normal library business hours.

Facilities are not intended or available for social gatherings, private meetings not open to the public, or fundraising activities including the collection of dues.

Commercial use of meeting rooms is specifically prohibited including free educational programming.

Non-profit groups

Rooms are available to community groups and organizations at no charge, provided they meet the following non-profit eligibility requirements:

  • Civic, cultural, charitable, educational or informational groups
  • Library sponsored activities and groups such as Friends of the Library, Library Advisory Board, or Library Foundation
  • Federal, State or local government agencies and elected officials
  • No admission may be charged for those attending the meeting
  • No items for sale
  • Meeting must be open to the public for which the program was designed
  • No lobbying or soliciting, including services, votes, and telephone banking

Meeting room regulations

Alcoholic beverages

Alcoholic beverages may not be served.

Size of group

Meeting rooms shall be used for meetings of not fewer than six persons. The maximum number of occupants that may be accommodated for meetings is set by the Knox County Fire Marshall and listed elsewhere in this policy.


Moving special equipment into and out of the building is the responsibility of those using the meeting room. Special equipment must be removed from the building at the end of the meeting. Chairs, tables and a podium are provided in meeting rooms. Groups using the meeting rooms may rearrange furniture but are responsible for returning the furniture to the original arrangement before leaving. Furniture cannot be removed from a meeting room.  Furniture in other parts of the library may not be moved into the meeting room.

Political candidates

Candidates may use library meeting rooms to hold conversations with citizens in town hall meetings. However, they may not distribute campaign materials (brochures, yard signs, bumper stickers, etc.) or raise funds.


Light refreshments and drinks may be served in meeting rooms. Minimal food preparation is allowed. All food items, packaging, etc. must be removed immediately after the meeting. No food may be left or stored in the meeting room for future meetings.

Garbage and clean-up

All garbage must be removed immediately from library property after the meeting. The applicant listed on the meeting room reservation will be responsible for any necessary clean-up.

Facility damage

The applicant listed on the meeting room reservation form will be held legally responsible for any damage to carpeting or any other part of the meeting room, including furnishings. 


All Knox County Public Library System facilities are smoke free.


Reservations must be made by completing the Meeting Room Reservation Form. Please note that meeting space will not be held until the reservation form is received by the library where the meeting will be held. The individual reserving the room will receive a written confirmation which must be shown to staff in order to gain admittance to the room on the day of the event. Meeting rooms may be reserved up to six months in advance. Applicants may reserve a room six times per form and no more than six times in six months at the discretion of the manager.

The individual who signs the reservation form must be an adult with a library card in good standing and be present during the entire time the organization uses the meeting room. By signing the form, the individual agrees to be the responsible party. If unavoidable circumstances prevent attendance by the applicant, he/she is still personally responsible for the proper use of the facility and payment for any damage. 

The reservation form is available at every library location. Reservations may also be made online.

Cancellation of meeting

Notification of cancellation must be made at least 24 hours prior to scheduled meeting. Failure to do so makes the group ineligible for further reservations. Repeated cancellations will also make a group ineligible.

Library rules of conduct

Persons attending meetings are subject to all Library regulations and policies, including the posted Library Rules of Conduct.

Meetings may not conflict in any way with library service to the public.

Signage and decorations

Library staff must approve any signage, decorations, or literature to be displayed in the library. No signage may be affixed to the walls, woodwork, ceiling or furniture. Certain types of decorations are prohibited, such as confetti, live plants, burning candles, and/or decorations incorporating metallic glitter.

East Tennessee History Center

Please contact the East Tennessee Historical Society at 215-8821 for meeting room information and reservations. If no answer, leave a message or call 215-8824.


Use of a meeting room by an organization in no way reflects endorsement by the library.