Keyboard shortcuts (access keys)

For improved accessibility, access keys are defined for the main navigation menu and quick links to popular destinations in the site.

Support for and the behavior of tab order and access keys varies by browser software.

Tab order

On any page, skip navigation is first in the tab order, meaning that you can use the tab key and then the enter key to take your focus to the main content of the page. The 3rd and 4th in the tab order are for the Home page. 

Access keys

From every page:

zero – Help (FAQ) 


1 – Home

2 – Hours and Locations

3 – My Account 

Main menu:

x – Explore the Collection

p – Calendar and Programs

a – About

f – Local and Family History

k – Kid Zone

t – Teen Central

From the Home page ("Popular" menu):

zero – "How do I..." (FAQ)

e – Ebooks, audiobooks, music and movies (E-media page)

s – When is storytime?

l – Ask a librarian

o – Online tutoring

r – Research by subject (Subject guides page)

j – Careers and Job search

From Explore the collection:

c – Catalog

e – E-media

n - New at the library

g – Encyclopedias, magazines and newspapers (think general resources)

z – Databases A – Z

r – Subject guides (think research)

s – Suggest a purchase

Keyboard navigation of FAQ

Once your browser focus is in the questions list (maybe you use the skip navigation feature of the tab order to get there), use your arrow keys to move through the questions and the enter key to reveal the answer. To resume use of the access keys, you might need to use the tab order to get your browser focus out of the questions list.