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The Periodicals service of Lawson McGhee Library (1st floor) provides access to a collection of recent and historical magazines and newspapers, including recent daily newspapers for various cities. Periodicals at Lawson McGhee Library are part of the reference collection and cannot be borrowed, but you can get copies from them whether they're on paper or microfilm.

Periodicals at the Calvin M. McClung Historical Collection relate to history and genealogy, and these may not be borrowed.

Periodicals at branch libraries may be checked out.

Does the library have this periodical?

Our print periodical titles are included in the library catalog; the "Local Note" of the catalog record of a periodical tells the date range that the Library holds. You can also just give us a call and we'll check our holdings for you. If we do not have one that you need, we can try to get copies of articles through Interlibrary Loan

Search services and resources

We will take up to three requests at one time by telephone.

  • Periodicals databases – locate articles, with many articles online in full text.
  • Print indexes – locate articles from sources not online. Our print indexes include Readers' Guide to Periodical literature and more specialized indexes such as Book Review Digest, Book Review Index and Index to How to Do It Information.
  • Historical stock quotes
  • Obituary searches – requires the name and the date of death. If you do not have the date, try the obituary indexes; if that doesn't help, contact the McClung Historical Collection to see if they can find a date for you. We will search for up to five days around a specific date.
  • City directories for Knoxville, Knox County, and some of the surrounding areas - 10 years' worth of city directories and Knoxville telephone directories; older directories at McClung Historical Collection

Copies of materials

  • Black and white photocopies cost 15¢ per page and color copies cost 25¢ per page, self-serve. Use of the self-serve scanner is free.
  • We will make microfilm copies at 25¢ per page; page limits apply. If possible, please call ahead with any information relevant to the article you're requesting (headlines or titles, dates, personal names, etc.) so that we serve you more quickly. Requests for copies of microfilm should be made at least 30 minutes before closing time.

  • We will deliver copies by FAX, mail or courier.

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