Knox It Knox Online Trivia Game
Test your trivia chops with Know It Knox, our new monthly online trivia challenge.

Join us on Tuesday, November 17 at 7:00 p.m. for Know It Knox: Let's Eat!

Celebrate food and gratitude with us this Thanksgiving season. Join Jack Neely, our guest host, who will regale us with scrumptious tales of long tables and fellowship. Test your knowledge of Knoxville traditions, Thanksgiving fare, and food of the ages.   

This live, interactive event is free and will take place in living rooms everywhere on Zoom. The only requirements to play are registration to receive the Zoom link and a computer or device with internet access.  

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In-depth knowledge of the subject is not necessary—experts and novices alike can either play for points or log on as a spectator.

The grand prize for top points is to be determined. 

Meet your hosts

Thomas Anderson works for Knox County Public Library's IT Department. On trivia night, you can rely on him for knowing about science fiction, ancient mythology, and folk songs about coal miners on strike.

Jack Neely

Jack Neely is the executive director of the Knoxville History Project. who has been writing about his hometown’s character and heritage for many years. After graduating from the University of Tennessee, where he studied American history, Neely was an Egyptian museum tour guide at the 1982 World’s Fair; later, he was a criminal-defense investigator, and an assistant editor for a national fiction magazine.