Computer workshops

Learn computer basics, Internet and email, office apps, and mobile devices.

We want to try a new (to us) approach to group computer workshops. We are offering this outline of concepts and terms with some exercises for learners to look over on their own.

Computer Literacy: Concepts and Terms

In workshops, then, we can maximize hands-on time. All the workshops will be untitled and unscripted, because you choose your own adventure. But the workshops will not be all the same: no one knows what will happen.

During a workshop, learners can work together or individually on anything they choose. Some additional exercises will be available to choose from. The instructor will go around and facilitate, guide, and coach. 

You can attend as many times as you wish, and registration is not required. You can start with the outline above, and after that you can work your way through learning word processing and spreadsheets, and more. Come and go from the workshops as you wish. You can even work on your own device.

If you have headphones or earbuds with a 3.5mm plug, bring them for watching tutorials.

For a librarian's undivided attention, please make an appointment for help with a specific skill that you need. And don't miss our computer skills guide.

If Knox County Schools close for bad weather, computer workshops are automatically canceled.

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