Pilot's Pursuit Library Adventure Game
Complete challenges in a library adventure game to earn first-class rewards

Pilot's Pursuit gameboardPilot's Pursuit has landed!

Pick up a scratch-off gameboard at any library location or many Little Free Libraries around the county. Fly around the world to uncover secret locations and decode a hidden message! Play now through December 31.


Pilot's Pursuit Challenges

Players move around the board by completing tasks such as making a recipe inspired by another culture, learning words in a new language, and of course, reading! 

Logging your reading time in our Read Around the World challenge will count towards completing the game. Not a member? Join anytime to help us meet our community-wide reading goal.

Tell me more about those rewards...

young woman holding slice of pepperoni pizzaKids and teens will earn amazing treats and free admission to top Knoxville area attractions. Adults will earn $5 credit at any Friends of the Library Used Book Sale or Rothrock Used Book Store.

Rewards will be available for pickup through December 31, 2020. Please check for any updates from our sponsors for kids and teens.

Spoiler alert!

Want to know more about those hidden locations? Click on a silhouette below to learn more about the famous landmark. (After you've completed the challenge and scratched it off, of course!)

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