De Noord Windmill, Netherlands

De Noord Windmill

The Windmills of Schiedam in the Netherlands were once known as the tallest in the world. The region was home to dozens of windmills, though only eight are still standing today. At 110 feet, the tallest of the tall is De Noord Windmill. It was originally built as a wooden post mill in the 1400s, but was replaced by a stone version in 1707. Over the years, the mill has been modernized to include a deisel engine enabling it to continue grinding mill when the wind died out. It ceased producing grain in 1937 and was dismantled, but was put to various other uses including serving as a watch post during World War II lby the Germans. Today, De Noord has been fully restored and is grinding mill again. It houses a popular restaurant and has been designated as a national monument. 

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