Animals of the Ocean

Photo of jumping humpback whale

Read City USA and our million-hour reading challenge, Tails and Tales, bring us to the diverse ocean habitat. Oceans cover more than 70% of the planet, and are far from being one uniform type of environment. The location and depth of an ocean affects the light, pressure, temperature, and available nutrients, and that determines what can live there. Animals found in coastal and ocean habitats include fish, coral, starfish, whales, dolphins, sharks, and pelicans.  


Print your own Origami Shark Craft. (Prints best on legal size paper, 8.5" x 14".) When completed you'll earn another hour towards your reading goal! Don't have a printer? Stop by any Library location for this or other Tails and Tales crafts. 

Book list

This book list features the ocean habitat, the animals that call it home, and the people who encounter them. Let's go discover the hidden depths of the oceans of the world!



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