Animals of the Prairie and Steppe

Photo of bison on the prairie

On our Tails and Tales Million-Hour Expedition, we turn now to the prairie and steppe regions of the world. North and South American prairies and the Asian and Australian steppes are grassland habitats that, unlike the savanna, undergo greater changes in season and temperature: hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Also called temperate grasslands, these habitats have evolved over thousands of years to withstand wind, storms, torrential rainfall, fire, and grazing by large animals.  Animals found in prairies and steppe habitats include bison, prairie dogs, koalas, kangaroos, emu, and armadillos.

Join Read City USA and our Million-Hour Expedition as we visit the prairie and steppe! This book list highlights the habitat, the animals that live there, and the people who encounter them.




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