Animals of the Tropical Rainforest

photo of a toucan with bright yellow beak and throat sitting on a tree branch

Join Read City USA on our journey to explore the natural world with Animal Tails and Tales! While covering less than 6 percent of Earth's surface, rainforests are home to more than 50 percent of the world's plant and animal species. A tropical rainforest gets more than 60 inches of rain per year, although some regularly get more than 200 inches. The major areas of tropical rainforests are in South East Asia, West Africa, and South and Central America. Animals found in rainforest habitats include chimpanzees, gorillas, jaguars, snakes, parrots, and toucans.

These book lists highlight the natural area, the animals that live there, and the people that encounter them. Come along as we explore the Tropical Rainforests of the world!



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