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Sign in to my library account

Your account number can be found on the back of your library card. Enter your number without any of the spaces. Call (865) 215-8751 if you need assistance with your account.

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About your library card

Do library cards expire?

Library cards do have an expiration date. If you receive a message that your card is expiring soon or has expired, contact us at (865) 215-8751 or visit us at any of our locations. We will need your library card number to update your account.

(Patrons that receive email notifications will receive a notice by email 30 days before the expiration of the library card. There is no other method of notification prior to expiration.)

If you have an Out-of-county card, you may send a check for the $40.00 annual Out-of-county fee—along with your library card number—to:

Lawson McGhee Library
ATTN: Circulation Department
500 W. Church Ave.
Knoxville, TN 37902

How do I replace my library card?

If your library card is lost or stolen, please report the loss immediately by calling the library at (865) 215-8751. You are responsible for all materials charged to your card prior to submitting a report.

Obtain a replacement card at any library location. Identification is required, and a $1 fee will apply.

Your new library card number will not automatically update on ILLiad or OverDrive. Use Ask a librarian for assistance with these accounts.

What is a PIN?

The PIN (personal identification number) is your password to keep your library account secure. You can get a PIN by bringing your library card to the Lawson McGhee Library or a branch library (excluding McClung), or you can call (865) 215-8751 to get a PIN over the phone. Have your library card number available.

How do I reset my PIN?

Go here to reset your PIN (use link in upper right corner, "I forgot my PIN"). If you have set an email address in your library account, you will receive PIN reset link in an email message. If you do not receive the email, please call (865) 215-8751. You will be asked several questions to verify your identity before we can make an account change.

Limited effect:

The PIN reset will take effect for OverDrive, Kanopy, and It will also take effect for remote database access. It will have no effect on accounts registered with a username/password on third-party services such as ILLiad.

You will have to change your PIN in the Hoopla app for your PIN reset to take effect for Hoopla. Contact the Sights & Sounds department at (865) 215-8714 for more information.

How long may I keep items I check out?

Most items are loaned for 21 days. Videotapes, DVDs, Playaways and Launchpads are loaned for 7 days. 

How do I renew items I have checked out?

Items may be renewed three times except for materials on hold.

Items will be renewed automatically four days before they are due unless they have holds or have reached the three-renewal limit. The new due date will calculated from the current due date; 21 days will be added for all items except DVDs, Launchpads, and Views which will be 7 days. Automatic renewals do not include items borrowed through downloading, streaming, interlibrary loan, or teacher cards.

If you get email notices, we will send one listing the renewed items and new due date. Three days prior to the due date, we will send another email listing items that did not renew.

If your notices are sent by mail, you can check your account online to confirm renewals and due dates.

Please call (865) 215-8751 with your library card number if you would like to add email notices to your account.

What am I charged for overdue items?

That depends on the format and how long they've been overdue.

Can I pay my fine with a credit card?

VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express cards are accepted, but not gift cards. A 2.32% fee will be charged by the electronic processing company for each transaction; this fee does not go to the library or Knox County.

Payments using credit/debit cards will not be accepted over the phone or online. Payments must be made in person.

How do I change the way I get library notices?

We send notices by mail or email. You can set up or change your email address in your online account. You can also call a library and request the change; have your library card number handy.

The address from which all our notices are sent is ; you may need to add this to your contacts to keep notices from being filtered by your email service.

In addition to notices by mail or email, you may register to receive pickup notifications by text message to your telephone.


  • The only way to get a notice that your account is about to expire is to use email notification.
  • The only way to get a notice that materials are due soon is to use email notification. The message will disclose your library card number and the titles.
  • Text messages are sent only to notify that you have materials to pick up. The message does not say what the items are. It is generated within 2 hours after an item becomes available for you.
  • If you pick up your items the same day you receive a text message, the system will not send the email or mail notice on those items. This is because those notices are generated the next day, at which time they are no longer waiting for pickup.
  • If email notification is not configured for your account, we will mail notices for item pickup and 14 day overdues.
  • If email notification is configured for your account, we will mail a notice for 14 day overdues.

For notices from one of our third-party services (such as OverDrive for ebooks or ILLiad for interlibrary loans), you'll need to sign in to the third-party site to change your email address.

Why are my notices not appearing in my email?

If you've verified that your account is configured for email notification and that your email address is correct, your email system may be blocking the notices.

The address from which all our notices are sent is . If you can use this as your search and find one such message, you can mark it as not-junk, mark it as important or priority, or whatever your email system provides as a solution for this problem.

Even if you cannot locate any message from this address, you can add this address to your safe-senders list, contacts list, and/or address book (different email systems handle this differently).

Must I return items to the same place I borrowed them?

All material may be returned to any Knox County Public Library location. Bookdrops are available for after hour returns, but some non-book items should not be returned via bookdrop because they may be damaged.