Investing during COVID-19

Morningstar's Editorial and Research teams have been focused on helping investors understand the implications and opportunities in this period of market volatility. They are publishing new commentary daily on the "Articles & Videos" tab in Morningstar Investment Research Center. Here are some examples of pieces that might be worth delving into: 

  • An "Overview of the Economic Impact of Coronavirus" (equity research)
  • A video commentary on the importance of staying invested in volatile times
  • A piece by Christine Benz, "A Checklist for Volatile Markets: Retirement Savers Edition"
  • Recorded webinar: "Navigating Investing During Novel Coronavirus: Investor Education & Guidance"– When the markets are diving, and our health is at risk, fear can take over. To stay calm and focused on the long-term, we’re going back to basics and stressing strong financial education and fitness.

Note: To access the first three pieces you have to be signed on to Morningstar Investment Research Center. The webinar is not available in the database and does require registration to view.

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