Controversies and issues

The library has just added new resources for studying some current controversies. The additions to Gale Virtual Reference Library are:

  • Misogyny in American Culture: Causes, Trends, and Solutions: This two-volume work explores misogyny in various areas of American culture—from popular music, film, and education to healthcare, politics, and business—and assesses proposals to confront and reduce it.
  • American Prisons and Jails: An Encyclopedia of Controversies and Trends: This two-volume encyclopedia provides a summary of correctional systems and practices and their evolution throughout U.S. history.
  • Modern Genocide: Analyzing the Controversies and Issues: This work looks at current areas of debate in genocide studies to provide insights into what a genocide is, why genocides occur, and what the consequences are once a genocide is recognized as such. It also illuminates how and why rational people can view the same set of circumstances as genocide or not, and how it might be possible in the future to alleviate or even prevent genocide.
  • Homeland Security: A Reference Handbook: This book discusses the creation of the Department of Homeland Security and efforts to protect the U.S. from international terrorism. It covers precursor events and laws from 1965 to 2000 which set the stage for the 2002 law that established the Department of Homeland Security, and the problems associated with homeland security policy. Also addresses major units and agencies within the department, provides excerpts and summaries of data, and lists key secondary sources.

These additions punch up our coverage of issues that are often hotly debated. Find other resources in Salem Online, Oxford Reference, and Opposing Viewpoints, providing background on a wide spectrum of topics. 

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