Database for business

We now provide access to ReferenceUSA, the premier public library source for business and consumer information. Its database contains details on more than 44 million businesses and 271 million consumers, empowering entrepreneurs and business owners to conduct sophisticated market research. With it you can:

  • Identify sales leads and potential competitors
  • Research businesses by location and type
  • Do consumer research using criteria including lifestyle and income level
  • Find more than 1 million healthcare professionals
  • Research historical business listings back to 2003
  • Find job listings powered by

Business listings are verified using a three-step process that ensures highly accurate results. You can customize lists based on location, type, sales levels, and many additional facets for each type of search. Download up to 250 records at a time and create a free account to save your customized search process.

Check out the ReferenceUSA Learning Center for training guides, videos, and to sign up for free webinars. For personal training or assistance, please contact our Business Reference Librarian at 215-8753 to make an appointment. Also check out DemographicsNOW for demographic data that will nicely complement your research.

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