Digital books that don't expire

Did you know that we have digital books you can use with no expiration? They don't have a due date because they don't get checked out—they are reference books. Since the books don't get checked out, they're always available; you never wait your turn to use them.

Our extensive collection of online reference books includes these three products:

Gale eBooks

The hundreds of books cover every subject. You can download the books in sections, usually one chapter or article at a time.

Of course you can search the entire collection, but also you can browse the bookshelves by subject, select a volume and view the table of contents, and go to an article or chapter. Then you can download a PDF of the section. You can send to a Kindle by emailing the section to your @kindle address.

If you prefer to listen while you do other things, the built-in ReadSpeaker technology turns the text into speech. You can listen as you read along, or download an MP3 to play later. The mechanized voice sometimes has odd pitch and pronunciation, but after you get used to it, you'll be able to listen fairly comfortably.

(Downloading PDFs and MP3s directly on some devices can be problematic, but it always works to use a PC and save the files to your device over a USB connection. On older Android devices, you may need to use the Firefox browser for direct downloading and saving.)

Safari Books Online

These books are not downloadable, but they are easy to use on tablets. The books support popular consumer computing technologies such as software, gadgets, and social networking.

Oxford Reference

This collection is mostly for quick, brief uses such as finding definitions or concise overviews of a topic. But there are some in-depth encyclopedic resources sprinkled around in there like raindrops on roses. For example, you can totally get your geek on over the Dead Sea scrolls, ancient Greece/Rome/Egypt, the Enlightenment, arts and sciences, and many other subjects. Go on, fall down that rabbit hole.

You can save articles to side-load onto your ebook reader, or email articles to your Kindle address.

Salem Online

This collection is rich with literature, history, science, business, career, and health/medical resources. Salem Online is the friendly guidance you need for:

  • Making your way through a William Faulkner novel, or deciding which one to read
  • Understanding working class struggles in the United States
  • Getting a sense of the value of a dollar in 1750
  • Understanding a diagnosis or finding a related service organization

Articles can be saved to Google Drive or emailed.