Parents, make a "School Year's Resolution"

January gets all the attention, but for a clean sweep and a fresh start there's nothing like a new school year. NBC News has launched a School Year's Resolution campaign to engage parents in supporting their children's success. Make your school year's resolution to get your child into the library's resources for homework help.

Remember that—live online tutoring—and LearningExpress Library are among the tools in our Education subject guide, and many other great resources are organized into subject guides for kids and older students.

For general resources covering all topics, explore the "Encyclopedias, magazines and newspapers" collection.

If your child has a research project and your heart races just thinking about it, we have a brief how-to guide that might give you some ideas.

And not least, call on your librarians. Even when the library is closed, you can send a question through Ask-a-librarian; the response probably won't come in time for something due the next day, though, so get an early start.