New science and other resources added

The Salem Online reference collection continues to grow, especially with the recent addition of six ebooks covering the principles of astronomy, biology, chemistry, computer science, physical science and physics. We have these encyclopedias in print and online to fill a need for explanations of science concepts that go deeper than dictionaries, but aren't overwhelming. Most entries are a page or two in length. While the articles are illustrated, in the ebooks the illustrations can be opened with a context-menu selection on the illustration filename (for example, right-click or long press, then open in a new tab or window). Articles will be printed or emailed in text-only format.

We also added to the literature collection of Salem Online with two volumes of essays on the themes of gender, sex and sexuality in literature. The history collection regularly adds new volumes to the Reference Shelf, which explores current issues with primary and secondary resources. Also, in the past year we've added two titles to the health collection.

While our Gale Virtual Reference Library and Oxford Reference collections are larger, don't overlook the high-quality Salem Online collection in your research. Sometimes less is more.

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