Salem Online expanded in all subject areas

Now added to Salem Online, you'll find new resources in all the major subject divisions: Literature, History, Health, Science (includes business), and Careers.

  • Masterplots Supplement

  • Critical Survey of World Literature, 3rd Edition

  • Recommended Reading: 600 Classics Reviewed

  • Great Events from History: African American History, African Americans, Latinos, American Women

  • Careers in Nursing, Careers in Social Media, Careers in Green Energy, Careers Outdoors

  • Principles of Business: Economics

  • Principles of Modern Agriculture

  • Encyclopedia of Environmental Issues, 3rd Edition

  • Salem Health: Women’s Health

  • Salem Health: Addictions, Substance Abuse & Alcoholism, Second Edition

Each of these is also available in print (as in, ink on paper, bound pages, you get the idea) at Lawson McGhee Library.

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