Salem Online expanded with three databases, more literature

Now added to Salem Online, you'll find a new Careers topic with three "Grey House: Searchable Databases" for special needs:

  • The Complete Directory for People with Disabilities – 21 subject-specific sections, from Arts & Entertainment to Vocational & Employment Programs; 3 sections of Rehabilitation Facilities; and 9 disability-specific sections, from Aging to Visual
  • The Complete Mental Health Resource Guide – 22 major mental health disorder categories with over 100 subcategories and specific disorders
  • America's Top-Rated Smaller Cities – 130 cities profiled with a unique rating system of 6 criteria: population growth, income, housing affordability, crime rate, educational attainment, and unemployment; information from hundreds of books, magazines, newspapers and research reports

In addition, we've added over 20 more books of literary criticism, from Romeo and Juliet to Stephen King.

Each of these is also available in print (as in, ink on paper, bound pages, you get the idea).

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