Subject guides

Databases and a selection of library materials and Web resources for research by topic.

How subject guides are arranged

  • Topical databases are arranged by the topics on this page, but general databases are listed in Encyclopedias, magazines and newspapers.
  • In subjects with subtopics, the top level subject displays only a few selected resources; use the subtopic links to find more for deeper research.
  • The format tabs arrange resources into shorter lists; some may be in a "featured" list and the rest are organized more or less by the kind of resource. There might be another format indication in the description of a resource. For example, under the Magazines tab, links may take you to the catalog record for a magazine we have in print in the library, a magazine within a database, a magazine's website, or a downloadable magazine.

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These agencies assist with housing issues such as homeless shelters, home repair and rehabilitation, blight, home ownership assistance, Section 8 vouchers. 

Searching on subject headings in the library catalog can be tricky. "African American history" as a search is too broad. Try these searches to get you started:


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