Social studies

Provides facts and useful information about each of the 50 states.

This site is full of information about being ready for any emergency based on education materials used by emergency professionals.

Learn about world history, with a special section on British history, through this site from the BBC.

Learn about some of the world's most commonly spoken languages from this BBC site.

Learn about dinosaurs and prehistoric humans with this website from the BBC.

Maintained by the CIA, this website provides information on the history, people, and governments of countries around the world with facts, maps, and flags for each.

This site provides a glimpse into history provided by those who lived it through eyewitness accounts, letters, and photographs.

Learn about the world on this website filled with stunning photos and videos.

This site hosted by PBS kids focuses on kids' physical and emotional well-being, with six focus areas covering friends, family, school, body, emotions, and money.

Information, tips, and fun games about being prepared for an emergency from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Learn about our state's history, through primary sources, photos, videos, and details about each county in Tennessee.

Learn about the FBI and how they fight crime through fun games and interactive features.

TIME For Kids is a weekly classroom news magazine that motivates kids to read.