A journey from Switzerland to Tennessee in 1848

Chavannes Journal

In 1848, the Chavannes, Gouffon and Sterchi families settled in Knox County in Grassy Valley (from Fountain City to Corryton). The Chavannes Journal was written by Madame Adrian Chavannes (Anna Fanny Albertine Charlotte Chavannes Francillon) to her friend Madame De La Harpe De Loes, who remained in Lausanne, Switzerland. Beginning May 9, 1848, she writes about the journey, her family and their impressions of America, ending when the family settles for a short time in Wartburg. The last few pages of the journal contain newspaper clippings from the Knoxville News Sentinel from 1930 about her and her family. The journal was translated from the original French by Emma Sanford Robinson (Grand-daughter of Madame Adrian Chavannes) and copied by Barbara Adair McClung.