New exhibit of items belonging to David Anderson Deaderick (1797-1873)

Portrait of David Anderson Deaderick

Currently on display in the McClung Collection are items belonging to David Anderson Deaderick (1797 - 1873), merchant, clerk and master, Chancery Court, Knoxville, Tennessee. Included is a watch fob, made from the only nugget of gold he found during his time as a 49’er in California; Deaderick mentions this trip in his diary, “Journal of Events, 1825 – 1873”. The journal was recreated by him after the original was destroyed by fire in 1863 during the Civil War. It includes many events of personal and local interest and offers an intriguing glimpse of life in Knoxville, with many of the roads and landmarks still extant today. An edited version of the journal appears in the “East Tennessee Historical Society’s Publications”, volumes 8 and 9. These, along with the personal artifacts, are available for viewing in the McClung Collection.